Troubleshooting Residential Garage Doors


A garage can be considered a luxury in most residential areas. It's a great way to keep your vehicle protected from the elements and also gives you a room to store outdoor items when they are out of season. For the most part, garages will not give you stress unless they are damaged in some way. One of the things that will require repair is the door for the garage since they go through so much wear and tear each time you use the garage.

13 December 2019

Is A Side-Sliding Garage Door A Good Option?


The old garage door you have had in place on your home for decades is finally starting to look a little out of place, so it is time to start looking at your options. Luckily, modern engineering in garage doors will yield you no shortage of interesting choices for your home. One type of garage door you will likely come across is a side-sliding garage door. If you've only ever used an overhead garage door, the snazzy operation of a side-slider is bound to pique your curiosity, but is this the best choice for your home?

3 June 2019

Three Ways To Maintain Your Garage Door


While you can hire a professional to service your garage door from time to time, there are some things that you can do on your own. Here are three ways that you could maintain your garage door over the years. Apply Lubricant To Moving Parts Anything moving parts made out of metal should be lubricated. When it comes to your garage door, lubrication makes the parts move much easier and limit the possibility that you'll need an emergency repair done.

5 December 2018

Three Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Shakes And Sticks


When your garage door starts rattling and shaking when it opens or closes, there are many places you can begin to look for the problem so that you can effectively work on garage door opener repair. While you should hire a trained technician to look at your garage door system for you, the good news is that most fixes for this problem are simple and generally aren't the result of any major problems.

26 September 2018

Garage Door Technicians – Do You Need Their Help?


You have probably heard a little about people needing to call for assistance from a garage door technician once in a while. If you are not sure when it might be time for you to call for some professional assistance, you will want to keep reading. There Is A Lot Of Noise Coming From The Door When Using It You really should not hear a lot more noise than you are used to hearing when you open and close the garage door.

22 May 2018

Garage Door Options: Materials And Styles


Installing a new garage door leaves you with a lot of options. You need to choose the best material and style of door for you and your needs. Here is a guide to your garage door options!  Materials You have a lot of options when it comes to the material that you will use to build your garage doors. Some of the most popular options are steel, wood, and fiberglass

15 February 2018

Two Tips To Help You Maintain Your Garage Doors


The garage doors in your home are ultra important. They go up and down on demand so that you're able to keep your car away from the elements and escape into the house on a rainy day. Because the garage doors are so essential to your overall lifestyle it's vital for you to keep them in good shape. While it's easy to neglect your garage doors, it's a better idea to do what you can to maintain them.

4 September 2017

Repair Or Replace Garage Doors?


Repairing your garage door can be tricky. Most repairs need to be handled by professional contractors. For instance, if there is any damage to the garage frame or motor, you will definitely want to leave this to the pros. However, if there is simply cosmetic damage to the garage panels, this is something that you can probably fix yourself. This article explains the process for replacing prefabricated garage door panels. It will help you decide whether it is job you want to handle yourself or leave to a professional contractor.

28 August 2017

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Replacing A Metal Garage Door


Being able to keep vehicles in a garage is a great way to protect them from outside elements. Depending on the type of garage you have, it is also a convenient way for getting in and out of your vehicle on a rainy day. However, a garage can put you in a stressful situation if you are unable to drive your vehicle in or out of it due to the metal door not opening or closing as it should.

26 August 2017

Do You Have To Live With A Noisy Garage Door?


 In the past, a noisy garage was not that big of a deal. Most garages were detached. As more homes were built with an attached garage, the noise became more noticeable and unbearable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to possibly muffle loud noises coming from your garage. Here are a few suggestions. Inspect and Replace the Rollers As your garage door opens and closes, the rollers can start to experience wear and tear.

26 August 2017