Preparation Tips For Garage Door Installation


A new garage door can boost your home's safety and visual appeal. This addition may also provide more reliable insulation, thus protecting your belongings from the elements. Nonetheless, once you schedule garage door installation, you need to prepare your household for the project. Here are four practical tips that will help ready you for the installation.

Make Space in Your Garage

Garage door technicians work more safely, efficiently, and effectively when there's ample space in your garage. For this reason, you need to create room by moving your vehicles and equipment out of your garage. You can also remove any clutter from the space to make way for installers. In addition to enabling the contractors to work unhindered, removing items from your garage helps keep them safe from damage during installation.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Away From The Garage

Keeping your pets and kids away from the work area would be prudent. The installation involves heavy lifting, tools whose handling requires training, etc. As such, it is necessary to keep pets and children under your vigilant supervision throughout the project or to organize for them to be at a sitter's. Keeping them away from the project can also make the installation run more smoothly.

Clear Your Driveway

You may need to clear your driveway to create room for the garage door installers to move and work freely. For example, they need sufficient space to offload the new garage door and the specialist equipment they'll use for the job. Any obstructions might hinder the installation process. However, with clear room to work, the technicians can install the garage effectively and test it for optimal functioning.

Confirm Power Availability

The power supply may be vital to your door's installation because the experts need to check that the opener and other components are functioning correctly. Furthermore, installing an automatic door requires electricity to ensure it works properly. At the same time, installing lighting fixtures or cameras next to your door may also be part of the project to boost security at night. Hence, if there's a power outage, you may need to reschedule the installation for another day.

By following the above tips, garage door installation can be a more streamlined process. Thus, keep in mind that the preparation involves getting the property ready for the technicians, as well as keeping your household members safe during the installation.

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28 July 2022

Your Garage Doesn't Have To Be Your Security Weak Link

I'm Megan Moore. I have always been very security-conscious ever since I woke up to find an intruder rummaging through my belongings in my living room. I never wanted this to happen again, so I purchased a state-of-the-art security system. But despite the security measures that I put in place, my home was still burglarized. The problem was with my garage door. Somehow, a burglar was able to get the code to the garage door opener. I realized that my garage was my weak link and I set out to learn everything I could about garage doors and garage door security.