Garage Door Options: Materials And Styles


Installing a new garage door leaves you with a lot of options. You need to choose the best material and style of door for you and your needs. Here is a guide to your garage door options! 


You have a lot of options when it comes to the material that you will use to build your garage doors. Some of the most popular options are steel, wood, and fiberglass

  • wood

Many people choose wood because of its rustic appeal. Most wooden garage doors are made from cedar, redwood, or fir. They are generally constructed in plies to hinder the doors from mutating.

  • aluminum

Aluminum doors are a great option because of their durability and the fact that they don't rust. Unfortunately, .they are more subjected to dents than other options. 

  • fiberglass

While they look good and won't break the bank, fiberglass doors are the easiest to break when hit with too much force. 

Style of Garage Door

After you've chosen the material that you want, it's time to choose the type of garage door you'd like. There are a number of options including canopy, retractable, roller, sectional, and side-hinged. 

  • canopy

Canopy doors swing outward, so be careful not to park your car too close to the garage door! They also require people to open and close them by hand. However, they look extremely nice, are lightweight, and they even offer some extra protection when open. 

  • retractable

Unlike canopy doors which extend from the garage, retractable doors do not take up any additional space. They also have the advantage of being automatic. These doors will take up more space inside of your garage than other options, though, making the ceiling several inches lower. 

  • roller

Roller doors are made to roll up into the garage. They don't have horizontal tracks like retractable garage doors which allows them, to leave more room in the garage. These are usually automatic and made with steel panels. 

  • sectional

Sectional garage doors utilize both horizontal and vertical tracks. Sectional garage doors pull up into the ceiling when open. Using both the horizontal and vertical tracks allows for more space width-wise and also allows for the best insulation to keep your garage temperature controlled. Most options are automatic. 

  • side-hinged

Side-hinged doors open out, reminiscent of barn doors. This takes up the most space outside of the garage, but the doors don't require any space inside of the garage. Generally speaking, these doors need to be opened manually. They are extremely easy to maintain, though, and they look fabulous. Contact a service, like Edelen Door, for more help.


15 February 2018

Your Garage Doesn't Have To Be Your Security Weak Link

I'm Megan Moore. I have always been very security-conscious ever since I woke up to find an intruder rummaging through my belongings in my living room. I never wanted this to happen again, so I purchased a state-of-the-art security system. But despite the security measures that I put in place, my home was still burglarized. The problem was with my garage door. Somehow, a burglar was able to get the code to the garage door opener. I realized that my garage was my weak link and I set out to learn everything I could about garage doors and garage door security.