Thinking Of Replacing Your Garage Door? Why You Should Consider A Wooden One


Looking for a new door to your garage can be overwhelming because of the number of options in the market. Choices include roller, sectional, steel, vinyl, and many others, and each has its pros and cons. Often, people forget that wood is a viable material for a garage door. Understanding the value of wood can help you choose the right material for your garage door installation. Here are the special qualities that wooden doors present. 

Natural Treatments

It is natural to worry about the effect that the harsh outdoors will have on wood. Fortunately, manufacturers have countless treatments to improve the lifespan of wooden doors. They use dry wood when fabricating the door because warping results from uneven loss of moisture. Additionally, they treat the wood with oils that prevent bending and rotting. You can also add a retouching layer of the sealant to act as a barrier between the door and harsh weather elements. With these precautions, the garage door remains fresh for many years. 

Sophistication and Custom Options

The most appealing thing about wooden doors is their unique, traditional elegance. You can install the door on a home from any period in history, and steel gets excellent aesthetics. The door complements features such as rockeries and logs excellently if you have them in the yard. It is also possible to customize the style, color, and stain on the material. Customized doors fit a wide array of garages, and different paint stains can help you switch the aesthetic from classic to modern. 

Hard Wearing

The doors are not susceptible to dents and other minor damages that affect metallic doors. Also, when the door gets damaged, you can repair or replace the damaged panel instead of the entire door. Treated wood withstands temperature changes better than other materials. Wood also serves as a heat insulator, minimizing the degree of heat loss. The door makes the garage warmer in the winter and reasonably cool in the summer. 


You open and close the garage many times a year. Also, the face of the garage has constant exposure to the harsh weather. Wood can withstand these conditions excellently, which makes its doors durable. The door looks better as it gets older, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. 

Wood is an excellent door material because of its versatility, strength, and durability. Choose your door from trusted manufacturers. Finally, ask a competent technician to handle your garage door installation for the best results.


5 October 2021

Your Garage Doesn't Have To Be Your Security Weak Link

I'm Megan Moore. I have always been very security-conscious ever since I woke up to find an intruder rummaging through my belongings in my living room. I never wanted this to happen again, so I purchased a state-of-the-art security system. But despite the security measures that I put in place, my home was still burglarized. The problem was with my garage door. Somehow, a burglar was able to get the code to the garage door opener. I realized that my garage was my weak link and I set out to learn everything I could about garage doors and garage door security.